Safety Rules

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Congratulations on the best choice and thank you for buying original Rebel East product!

Principles of use of our products:
-In order to enjoy your product for a long time, you should take care for it properly.
-Our products are made of high-quality materials and natural leather, therefore, they do not always maintain an identical structure and colour on the whole surface.
-Well-preserved natural leather provides comfort of wearing/use for years.
-You should, above all, avoid soaking the product because leather has a natural tendency to absorb water.
-If the product gets wet (including leather elements), you should leave the product in a room temperature until it is completely dry. Never use other sources of heat for drying, because they may cause cracking of leather in many places.
-Soaked product may stain clothes.
-In case of all Rebel East photographic harnesses, you should always use properly fastened (in accordance with instructions on two security straps.
-Before you attach the camera, always check how 1/4 inch photo screw is screwed in the camera, or in case of other products – appropriate fixing elements.
-Always strap camera first, and then security straps.
-Never take off and carry harness together with camera/cameras strapped.
-Do not remove circle silicone elastics from snap hooks (does not relate to RebelOne Pro series).
-Do not use harness without elastics on snap hooks (does not relate to RebelOne Pro series).
-If you are moving in a cramped room, be careful and you hold cameras in your hands.

Producer will not be liable for damages caused by improper usage. By buying and using our products, you accept all above terms and conditions.


Conditions of complaint:
– Rebel East Products are covered by 12-month warranty, counted from the date of purchase.
– Rebel East Products should be used in conformity with their designated purpose.
– Only and exclusively concealed defects resulting from construction or material reasons are subject to complaint.
– Dry and clean goods is subject to complaint.
– Complaint can be considered only after showing original proof of purchase (it can be in an electronic form).
– Damages resulting from natural wear and tear of a material or from use of the product contrary to its purpose are not subject to complaint.
– Defects visible in a moment of purchase, mechanical defects such as tearing of material, stains and other types of soiling, as well as defects resulted from improper maintenance are not subject to complaint.
– Wearing out of layers of leather, staining of coloured leathers and staining of clothes under the influence of damp and mechanical damage of metal and decorative elements are not subject to complaint.
– Goods, which was used with other components (e.g. photographic screws) than those produced by Rebel East is not subject to complaint.

Complaints are considered in accordance with Consumer Sales Act and Civil Code.
Complaint can be reported by an e-mail: